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Winter 2017



I am teaching ECO 5520/6520 in the Winter 2017 term.

Why did metropolitan Detroiters increase taxes to fund the Zoo and the DIA, but reject taxes on November 8 to form a Mass Transit Authority?

How will we fund education and police protection in the near future? 

Can we reduce the amount that we are spending on prisons?




I conduct research in health and housing economics.


My research interests, papers, and presentations, are located here. For my vita, click here.


I co-author the 7th edition of The Economics of Health and Health Care (Sherman Folland, Allen C. Goodman,

and Miron Stano), with Instructor’s Guide and Study Questions. 


An 8th edition will appear in May 2017.  We have recently moved to Taylor &

Francis publishers under the Routledge label. Please check their web site for further announcements. 

If you have any questions about  textbook content or availability, please contact me at



Policy and Research Presentations

March 10, 2004 Detroit News Op-Ed piece “Detroit Housing Rebound Needs Safe Streets, Good Schools.”

January 15, 2008 participation in a podcast on the BBC regarding the Healthcare System in Detroit and the U.S.

A policy proposal - “Fixing Part of the Mortgage Meltdown,” April 9, 2008

Michigan Stem Cell Economics Study – August 2008

A January 29, 2009 clip from the radio program “Detroit Today,” looking at Detroit’s fiscal crisis.

The Economics of Health Care Reform”, presented October 25, 2011 at the Adult Learning Institute.

“Is there an S in Urban Housing Supply … or What on Earth Happened in Detroit.  Click here.

Goodman, Goodman, Goodman, and Goodman “A Few Goodmen” ( – presented at 2015 AEA Meetings

Interview with Stephen Henderson on WDET, April 6, 2016, about Differential Taxation for Public Services in Detroit


Graduate Studies at Wayne

I direct the MA program and seminar activities.

Prof. Li Way Lee serves as Director of the PhD program.

For information on application/admission to our Department’s programs, please turn to our Department’s home page. 

Current Graduate Students (MA and PhD) MUST get approval to sign up for courses. 




On June 13, 2008. I was a contestant on Jeopardy!  Others have written blogs about their adventures.

I decided to do something else!  I hope you like it. 

On October 1, 2013, my daughter Sara also appeared.  She did better than Dad.


**Peace Corps**

Sara started a Peace Corps career in Burkina Faso in June 2011, returning in August 2013.

Her experiences were exciting and unusual. She has continued her blog during her return. 

Sara received her MPH at The Johns Hopkins University in May 2015, and she currently

serves as an epidemiologist at the Santa Clara County (California) Department of Public Health.


Classes (Syllabus / Course Material)

ECO 2010

Principles of Economics Cr. 4

Supply, demand, price at the level of the firm and industry; business institutions and their operation; determinants of wage and salary levels, interest rates, rents, profits, income distribution; public policy in relation to business and labor.

ECO 5520/ 6520

State and Local Public Finance, Cr. 4

Prerequisites: ECO 2010 or consent of instructor. Theory and applications of state and local public finance.  Topics will include determinants and impacts of taxes and public expenditures.  Applications will relate to Detroit metropolitan area, as well as State of Michigan.

ECO 5550/ 6550

Economics of Health Care Cr. 4 – Fall 2014

Prerequisites: ECO 2010 or consent of instructor. Allocation of health care resources through demand and supply of health care. Roles of hospitals, physicians, and health insurance; market imperfections and their role in economics of health care.

ECO 5800/ 6800

Urban Economics Cr. 4

Prerequisites: ECO 2010 or consent of instructor. Suitable for undergraduate or M.A. credit. Introduction to the economic foundations of urban problems. These include land use, housing, poverty, transportation, development, education and crime. Applications will relate to the Detroit metropolitan area.

ECO 7500

Public/Urban Economics Cr. 4


Prerequisites: ECO 6000 or ECO 7000. Suitable for M.A. or One semester course in Public and Urban Economics.  Looks at public and urban problems from theoretical and empirical points of view. Includes econometric analyses.

ECO 7550

Economics of Health Care (Graduate) Cr. 4


Prerequisites: ECO 6000 or ECO 7000. First course of a 2 course sequence in health care economics for M.A. and Ph.D. students.


This advanced course on the allocation of health care resources concentrates on demand and supply of health care. It looks at the roles of hospitals, physicians, and health insurance; market imperfections, government policies, and their role in economics of health care.

ECO 7800

Urban and Regional Development (Graduate) Cr. 4

Prerequisites: ECO 6000 or consent of instructor. The city as an economic system, including rents, prices and locations of activities. Monocentric and polycentric models. Topics include housing and real estate, industrial location, and racial segregation and discrimination. Both economic theory and empirical applications will be presented.

ECO 999X

Dissertation Candidacy (Graduate)

Open only to Departmental Dissertation Candidates

To contact me via e-mail click

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